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  1. Longed-for comebacks

    Injuries are part of a professional athletes’ life and yet it’s not an easy thing to handle. Last season, several top athletes were hit by severe, partly season ending injuries. What they have in common is certainly a strong wish to come back at the highest level and a tenacious

  2. Velez Zuzulova injures knee during training in Argentina

    Slovakian World Cup star Veronika Velez Zuzulova has suffered a serious injury in Ushuaia, Argentina. According to, the slalom specialist may have suffered an ACL tear, but the diagnosis is unconfirmed.

  3. Unlucky athletes with pre-season injuries
     Some unlucky athletes already contracted an injury that slowed down their summer preparation, or even stopped it completely.
  4. Q&A Michelle Gisin
    Michelle Gisin used to be "the little sister of", but the latest since her silver medal at the World Championships St. Moritz 2017, the world realised that she's up to claim big victories herself.
  5. Halfway through the Australia New Zealand Cup
    Downunder, winter has arrived for over a month and the Australia New Zealand Cup crowned 16 winners already. Lots of World Cup athletes have been training in the Southern Hemisphere and took the opportunity to participate in those Continental Cup races.