Eurotest (GS)


Podium runs numerous camps throughout the year and would advise you to think of your preparation at least over the space of a year. In this way you can attend different camps with a different focus and really have effective training. There is more about this on the 'training tips page'.

We run camps on the following periods of the year.






Since 2011 both slalom and GS camps in the autumn run to a particular format: We have

i. foundations blocks

ii. GS and SL blocks

After years of running this training we think there is a better and more effective way of preparing yourself for these exams. It is commonly the case that jumping straight into GS or SL courses and racing is unrealistic and a hard path. There needs to be a 'stepping stone'; something that comes between recreational skiing and racing. This is the Podium foundation block. We already did try and prepare people in the best way possible but we are going to make it more explicit.

What is a foundation block?

The foundation blocks are the essential, introductory preparation blocks for being able to perform well in a race course. They will involve both slalom and GS type skiing and will look at all the fundamental areas that you will need to develop. Specific drills and courses will be set for speed of movement, lateral balance, fore aft balance, agility edging, separation etc. Competitive skiing and attitude will also be introduced at this stage. We would advise you to bring both SL and GS type skis if possible. This will also be deal 'base training' for BASI exams.

Who is it for?

A foundation block is for everybody but you must attend foundation training as a priority before going straight to GS or SL ie it is not an option to go straight into SL or GS if you haven't done any foundation training before. You may want to spend several weeks doing 'foundation training' to get ready for the GS or SL and you may want to spend a season or two concentrating on building your foundations before stepping into the GS SL arena. The difference is...when you step in you will be ready.

Periodise your training:

There is only so much you will progress in any one training block. That is why, on top of the foundation blocks, we offer three periods of off season training to buld you up towards the first tests of the winter. A+B+C

The summer camp offers you training on a rolling terrain to make important changes. The September camp helps you build on that along with skiing longer courses and starting to race and time. It also increases the likelihood of training on hard snow which is essential to learning the moves you need. And the the autumn camp can be used to ski and race on varying terrain nailing the offset gates on the steep or your gliding on the the flat and gaining those vital tenths!



a. Summer Camp:  Mid June to early July [ 12 days on snow and one rest day]

The summer camp is a brilliant camp. We have been running it in 2 Alpes since 2001 and we've never thought of going anywhere else. The terrain is perfect for working on technical changes and the atmosphere is second to none. The afternoon activities keep us coming back year after year with everything from golf to white water rafting. We're well established in 2 Alpes and so are able to get the best training pistes and be well looked after! Check these videos from the 2013 and 2014 summer camp. Summer 14 Summer 13

The summer camp makes a massive difference to your success rate the following year. Far away from the pressure of the test, you can make the technical changes on a brilliant summer glacier in hard snow so that you can concentrate on speed during the autumn.



b. September Camp

In order to prepare people more professionally and thoroughly we are now adding a September camp to increase the chances of candidates getting the much needed time on hard snow to groove in the movements needed. Those serious about making a difference in their level should seriously consider doing the summer and september blocks giving them a good base for using the autumn to practice skiing fast.

This year we went to Stelvio in the second half of September. Here is a video of the week.

c. Autumn Camp Eurotest GS: November - mid December [6 weeks] inc. Foundation training weeks : 


The details of the autumn programme are all posted on facebook, on this website and have been put out on email flyers. Email if you haven't received anything or if you need any updates! We're hoping to get to work on an even better and more flexible programme allowing trainees to not follow a rigid programme but be able to work on what will make them improve most effectively. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding which weeks you should do but remember that the foundation training may well be the key to then skiing fast in a GS course!

As always, we will offer an inventive and effective on hill programme, complimented by video analysis including Dartfish, tactical prep, race preparation and timing, dryland training and maintenence and ski preparation. There are some great accomodation deals in Tignes in the autumn as well as the great half board offer offered by . The Tignes lift pass office offers reductions for ISIA holders and multiple week trainees meaning some real savings. Also the swimming pool in the aquatic centre is free and included on the pass which is always a good antidote to a hard morning's skiing on the glacier!







daveDave Morris:
Dave has coached many of Britain's clubs, teams and racers over the last decade. He is a BASI trainer for all technical levels, former racer and L3 coach. He has worked with many of Britain's prominent alpine clubs, mainly, BSA and has had a hand in producing many of the juniors currently racing for the national team. He is currently training some members of the Scottish team and worked as facilitator for the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation [CSCF] delivering courses within the UK.

• BASI Trainer [L1-L4]

• Former trainer to athletes from GB home nations teams.

• CSCF Canadian Level 3 coach [ and former CSCF facilitator]

• Former GB children's team coach

• Trainer British Ski Academy





augustinAugustin Torres:
Augustin skis for Argentina and has skiied in both the World Championships of 2009 and the Vancouver Olympics 2010. he has also skiied as an opener for the Eurotest as well as representing BASI in the 2007 Interski event in Korea. Agustin will be running the SL/ test technique training in November as well as sometimes putting down a GS time for our trainees.



• BASI Trainer:

• Eurotest trainer. 6 years experience.

• Ski Club Trainer Bariloche, Argentina

• Member of GB/BASI demo team 2007

• Member of Argentinian national team





rossRoss Green:
Ross Green was a member of the British team for many years and has been one of Britain's most successful racers. His racing career culminated in a 15th position in the combined event at the Olympics 2002 Salt Lake City. He is currently training as an Austrian 'C' license coach and has been singled out as one of the country's future coaching prospects. He is a current Eurotest opener. [GBR]


• BASI Trainer

• Austrian C license coach

• Former member of GB team

• Eurotest opener

• Ex head trainer: British Ski Academy





scottScott Bryson:
Scott Bryson is head of boys coaching at the British Ski Academy. Following on from a strong racing pedigree with the Scottish Alpine team and British junior team and many titles to his name, Scott is proving himself to be an equally valuable coach. He skiied to 37 points in slalom but then stopped as he was unhappy inside.



• Former member of GB junior team

• Former Scottish team

• Current male head coach British Ski Academy

• all round good egg





markMarc Telling:
Marc had an excellent record as a racer competing for England and the GB development team, reaching the fringes of the full GB team. He is now forging an equally excellent one as a coach. His hopes for next year are to get a better picture on this website.




• Former British Development team member

• Eurotest opener

• APC 2






seanSean Manley:
Sean is a former FIS racer and one of BASI's best young trainers for ski instructors as well as being an awesome skier. Based in Tignes he runs his own ski school Ultimate. Very popular with trainees for his ability to say and demonstrate what he wants, Sean has become a valuable asset to the Podium coaching team.



• Former FIS racer

• BASI Trainer

• Ski school director Tignes





jasJas Bruce:
Jas is from Edinburgh and has raced for Scotland and the British Development team. He is an ISTD and will be based in Val d'Isere next year. He spends his summers in NZ training and coaching and possibly a little time enjoying the scenery. He is Canadian Level 3 coach and an opener for the Eurotest. What's more, he is a thoroughly nice chap.



• CSCF 3


• Eurotest opener