Podium Coaching Team
Cammy Gunn

A Scottish team FIS racer and devil may care parachute jumper Cammy then switched to Skier X at 19 years old. Former coach at the British Ski Academy and coached for 2 years at the Treble Cone Race Academy in New Zealand. Worked for CDC with former GB Olympians Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford.

Podium Coaching Team
Blake Williams

Blake is a BASI Trainer and ski coach running his own academy for kids looking for something beyond ski school. When he isn’t putting large angles down on the piste or dropping technical wisdom he is usually found on a stag do within the confines of the European continent.

Podium Coaching Team
Scott Bryson

Former British team racer with 37 points in SL back in the day. Former head coach of the British Ski Academy and coach of the British Alpine Children’s team, he has helped many top British skiers along the way. BASI Trainer and Podium stalwart he also has varying facial hair depending on the season.

Podium Coaching Team
Jas Bruce

A Eurotest opener, former British team athlete, BASI trainer, CSCF L3 coach and BASI Interski team member and all round good guy. Former Head Coach of the Treble Cone Racing Academy in New Zealand. Always willing to help and buy you a coffee on a bad day.

Podium Dave Morris
Dave Morris

Coached since 1999 for numerous ski clubs and organisations incl; the British Ski Academy, Kandahar and the British Alpine children’s team. Also coached several athletes to the podium, resulting in them achieving their best FIS point scores. He is a CSCF level 3 coach and in his spare time he likes to do nothing.